NATO Virtual Speaker Hologram Experimentation

NATO Virtual Speaker Hologram Experimentation

Paul Thurkettle, NATO Training Technologies Section HeadMILITARY / GOVT / NONPROFIT

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Paul Thurkettle

Covid has emphasized the value and capabilities of online meetings and technology to support training. But even before the pandemic the possibilities of virtual attendance have been discussed and experimented with. NATO with its training centers scattered among the 30 nations have always had a problem bringing experienced lecturers to provide presentations to the schools. Flying someone in for an hour lecture or day is not cost effective and stops high value persons due to the travel time. The use of standard "talking head" VTC's is also not a good experience in front of live audience. NATO has been looking into virtual projection of the full body on stage, with the speaker able to see and interact with the audience. The presentation will discuss the experiment with experiences and the technology available today.

Attendee Benefits

Learn from NATO experience, be able to access if holograms are right for them.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am