How Game Can Improve Mental Health, Post Covid 19

How Game Can Improve Mental Health, Post Covid 19

Rhonda Moore, Program Officer NIMH, NIH, Mariam Nusrat, GRID Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development, Noah Falstein, theinspiracy, Andrew Grant-Thomas, Co-Founder, Embrace RaceTrack 2 HEALTHCARE

Rhonda Moore

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Mariam Nusrat
GRID Gaming Revolution for
Inspiring Development
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Noah Falstein
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Thomas Talbot, MD
USC Institute for
Creative Technologies
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Mental health is the biggest single predictor of life-satisfaction. Poor mental health can impede an individual's capacity to realize their potential, work productively, and contribute to society. Yet, despite its importance, mental illness remains one of the most neglected yet essential issues in the US and across global settings.

Mental illness also tends to be under assessed, under managed and undertreated across clinical populations, with significant disparities in high risk and vulnerable populations due to social factors (e.g., stigma, access, discrimination, cost, poverty etc.,). The COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in profound mental health impacts in general populations worldwide, contributing to intersectional disparities and poor health outcomes. Rhonda Moore, a Program Officer with NIH will present a talk titled Serious Games for Global Mental Health under Federal Grant Programs.

In this talk, Rhonda will discuss: growing awareness of mental health as a public health crisis; the work of the Center for Global Mental Health (cGMH-NIMH) including programmatic areas; and NIMH-NIH specific funding opportunities (i.e., SD and the Global mhealth technology programs).

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am