Practical, Easy, Gamified Engagement for ILT, VILT, & Hybrid

Practical, Easy, Gamified Engagement for ILT, VILT, & Hybrid

Sherry Prindle, Certified Master Coach Trainer, Professional Coach AcademyWORKFORCE & LEADERSHIP TRAINING

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Sherry Prindle

This session would be a train the trainer/train the developer session where I define gamification as introducing elements of play into learning. I demonstrate dozens of low-tech or no-tech interactions hands-on with debriefs on how they can use them immediately. The session culminates in an activity that leads them through creating teaching points, engagement, and outcomes based on the results they desire. Gamification is about getting learners to internalize and apply learning, and these are the building blocks for practical gamification.

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Ever feel that, in your circumstances, you just can't implement gamification? You don't have the right technology, platform, or permissions. The project is not long-term enough to justify creating something elaborate. The presentation has time and content limitations. The audience will not appreciate game elements. Those in charge will not buy into it...

Gamifying even the most low-tech, short-term, brief, programs is possible with quick, practical techniques that you can slip in without triggering resistance. Beyond giving you fun tips to enhance your in-person, virtual, or hybrid interactions, this session will also take you through the process backward engineering from desired results to generate training points, interactions, and outcomes.

Internalize the value and application of play and game elements in learning Relate interactions directly to learning points Swipe tens of activities and ideas to use immediately to increase learning engagement Reverse engineer training points and interactions out of desired behavioral outcomes

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am