Psychological Dynamics that make Game Based Learning Stick

Psychological Dynamics that make Game Based Learning Stick

Peter Bruun, Founder, Amsterdam Game LabHIGHER EDUCATION

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Peter Bruun

As a social psychologist and former soft skill trainer, I was blown away the first time I saw a Serious Game in action. This board game outperformed me on my best day as a psychological trainer for team-building. Not only that moment, but every time and in a scalable fashion. I decided to step back, and do what I do best....observe people's behavior in groups. I asked myself: "what is it that makes serious games more effective than professional trainers, when it comes to team building?" and I found 5 psychological explanations. By knowing these, we can build game based learning experiences that are fun and get knowledge and experience to stick beyond playtime.

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5 psychological dynamics to consider, when building a game based experience.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am