WORKSHOP: Rethinking Team Collaboration: Playful Interaction Can Improve Outcomes

WORKSHOP: Rethinking Team Collaboration: Playful Interaction Can Improve Outcomes

Krasi Bozhinkova, Founder & Strategy Director, OwtcomeTrack 1 CORP/NP/MIL/GOVT

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Arguably, the single most untapped source for innovation inside an organization is tacit knowledge -- everything that falls outside facts and onto the subjective spectrum. Unfortunately knowledge that does not surface during most approaches to collect and quantify it.

During the session, the speaker will walk attendees through a new approach for extracting team knowledge and then using it to solve complex challenges -- based the use of drawing, storytelling and play. Collaboration can be a colorful experience when we introduce these components!

While participating in this workshop. attendees will discover this method can have a significant impact on innovation. By drawing simple shapes, teams can visualize situations and complications and expose emerging insights during playful interactions. Drawing collaboration is quite effective and accelerates the decision-making process in diverse groups. It is also highly engaging as the teams align actively on the vision and create better outcomes.

A key takeaway from the presentation is the potential to transform how we think, interact, learn, and work. Attendees will learn how to create an inclusive platform that is intuitive, organic, and combines diverse views. The audience will also discover one of the most defining aspects of creative thinking – the power to draw one's perspective as part of creating a shared narrative.

By challenging common assumptions about work in teams, collaboration is no longer problematic, complicated, and frustrating, but natural and rewarding. When everyone participates, and ideas combine through drawing, teams can tackle intricate problems and derive meaning from patterns of shared experience and emotions. Attendees will see results from the method's implementations in different settings and what impact it can have on culture, engagement, and outcomes.

I will also share a few templates to show how to apply it and encourage the audience to experiment with it.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am