Serious Game Development in University Settings (Starting with Healthcare)

Serious Game Development in University Settings (Starting with Healthcare)

Joshua Peery, Lead Game Designer for Instructional Technology, East Carolina UniversityTrack 2 HEALTHCARE

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As students change Higher Learning Education is going to have to change in order to achieve the same learning outcomes of the past. It behooves universities to implement Serious Games into their courses. To achieve the best outcomes, in-house design and production of Serious Games provides for a uniquely tailored approach.

This session will share the experiences at East Carolina University's College of Nursing. This includes working with instructors, in this case Nurses, who are more practice than pedagogy based, and less tech savvy instructors, and how to overcome resistance/hesitance to using Serious Games.

Attendees will learn how what started as one Serious Game, the Virtual Clinic Learning Environment (VCLE) which catered to a very narrow set of students, courses, and instructors has expanded beyond those frontiers to cover a much broader range of topics, learners, and instructors.

Speaker will then cover the steps taken to improve the VCLE, which led to building a focused Serious Game Dev team, which in turn led to new uses of the VCLE as a research tool, and for new Serious Game projects and initiatives to take root: -- Serious smartphone games for research and intervention into Public Health, Gamified Apps to help self-care of Hypertension, and more.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am