Simulated Case-Based Learning, COVID-Style

Simulated Case-Based Learning, COVID-Style

Tracy Mendolia-Moore, Lead Instructional Designer, Western University of Health SciencesTrack 2 HEALTHCARE

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Without a doubt, the pandemic pushed education outside of its comfort zone. Universities adopted new technologies and reinvented what it means to be a remote student. This urgent pivot to online learning allowed for the development of new and innovative teaching and learning avenues. Case-based Learning is a common method of teaching within medical education, yet how faculty envision the case information and deployment of that content varies by instructor.

In this session we will take a look at a variety of digital CBL modules that were created during the pandemic, each unique to the vision of the instructor and case content.

- The veterinary medicine case design brings in use of a simulated electronic medical record database.
- The case for the physician assistant course employs progressive disclosure.
- The case for pharmacology allows students to choose their learning path.
- The case for the interprofessional practitioner education (IPE) focused on gamification with time limitations.

With Articulate Storyline designers begin with a blank canvas, but the program possibilities are endless.

In this session I would like to showcase various case-based learning examples that were used within medical education. These were created by our instructional designers as faculty were trying to create recreate case based learning within the digital platform. A digital Toolbox will be included within this session that will provide attendees with links to a curated list of YouTube videos explaining how to use Articulate Storyline, as well as a general template document that will help them outline the basics of their case as part of the design preparation process.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am