Teaching Emergent Technologies: Photogrammetry for Games

Teaching Emergent Technologies: Photogrammetry for Games

Amber Johnson, Assistant Professor, Wake Technical Community CollegeTrack 5 GAME/INSTRUCTION DESIGN

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Teaching game development is exciting and challenging because the technology is constantly evolving. Through a National Science Foundation ATE grant titled Developing Certificates in Technical Art & Photogrammetry and Technical Animation, Wake Tech Community College has the opportunity to develop several new emergent technology courses including photogrammetry for games.

Photogrammetry is the technique of creating digital 3d assets by capturing physical objects and places. This allows artists to create accurate representations of real-world things to put in their game or simulation using photos or video.

This session covers how photogrammetry can be used to create realistic assets for games and simulations as well as an approach to teaching this new technique to students. There is also a postmortem about the entire process of creating this course from funding to execution. This includes discussing how instructors can train themselves in emergent technologies though self experimentation and externships.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am