Teaching with Topia: Creating joyful, immersive, autonomous learning experiences

Teaching with Topia: Creating joyful, immersive, autonomous learning experiences

Valary Oleinik, CEO, Valary With A WHYCORPORATE / NONPROFIT

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"We have dozens of platforms and technologies that we can use to deliver content to learners. We also have a host of choices when it comes to ways to connect people with technology. And yet, we still see the same issues about how to engage our learners and how to deliver meaningful and impactful training experiences that yield the desired behavior changes and results.

While the idea of spatial chat is not new, there seems to be renewed interest and it has vast potential to afford learning designers with a range of tools that immerse learners in environments, not unlike dropping them into a video game. These tools also create opportunities for learner autonomy and exploration in spaces where they can interact with fellow learners in more natural ways. Being able to walk into and out of conversations and activity groups creates a near real-world experience.

In this session, participants will choose from 10 learning experiences that I have created in the free tool called Topia as examples of ways we can create better connections and more engaging learning experiences by leveraging immersive, no-code, game-like environments."

Attendee Benefits

"For those who have not worked with spatial chat platforms, this session offers a window into new technology that has numerous possibilities and promising results. The founder of the product said that it was built to operate on the joyful level and that is how many participants describe the platform. While a positive reaction is helpful and welcomed, a more important comment has been that they leave with more energy -- the polar opposite of the now infamous Zoom fatigue.

Topia allows you to create "worlds" that you can fully customize. These worlds become immerse learning spaces that can help place the learners in an appropriate space, set the proper tone, and provide context for the learning to take place. You will see things like how you can easily have learners move around a game board onscreen, how you can let learners "walk" around a location or object to explore it, how you can create escape rooms, and more.

Participants will leave with resources explaining all of the use cases that they get to choose from in the session as well as resources to help them to create their own worlds in Topia if they want to continue the adventure."

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am