Ten Qualities of Great Digital Learning Experiences

Ten Qualities of Great Digital Learning Experiences

Traci Lawson, Senior Instructional & Interaction Designer, TransfrVRGAMES / INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

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No matter what your platform is, the basic rules of thumb for designing great digital learning experiences remain the same. Our task as creators is always to make it fun, challenging, and memorable. In this session, we will examine ten design qualities great digital learning media share that help them achieve those goals.

You want to give your learners an experience that helps them understand your subject matter in ways that would be impossible with a book, lecture, or other media. This session will explore the importance of focus and simplicity, tying learner actions to your curriculum, game design best practices, and how to apply them to educational media. Traci will cover examples in VR, tablet, smartphone, web and console games from her own work and that of others.

Attendee Benefits:

This session will provide real-world examples of what makes interactive learning and games both enjoyable and effective, including handouts of the ten qualities, and playable examples for attendees to explore on their own time. Video clips will be used throughout the presentation. Links to the videos will also be included on the handout, wherever possible.

Traci will also bring a couple VR headsets for attendees to try, after the session has ended.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am