The Disruptive and Progressive Technology of Blockchain

The Disruptive and Progressive Technology of Blockchain

Sergey Jakimov, Founder, LongeVCDEVELOPER CONF

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The adoption of blockchain technology in high-tech areas and industries is a fast-growing trend. Blockchain increases security, traceability, and transparency, and can provide for automation and increased efficiency and speed. Sergey’s experience in blockchain stems from his involvement in the biotech industry and longevity sector—he helped the company Longenesis to adopt a blockchain-based toolkit to apply the most compelling features of distributed ledger technology to protect sensitive medical data and ensure secure sharing between numerous partners. Similarly, the gaming industry can greatly benefit from blockchain as a way to enhance the player experience, better secure and liquify the transactions of digital items, and overall ameliorate the infrastructure of games themselves. Through the decentralization of blockchain, the gaming community can have greater power within the game, preventing the developer from making any changes without their consultation. It can also eliminate fraudulent items and make items transferable across games by providing increased security, traceability, and transparency when making purchases through digital currency. Blockchain has the power to disrupt already existing technologies and further enact progress in many industries such as healthcare, finance and banking, government, insurance, etc.

Attendee Benefits

They will leave this session with new information around the new technologies used in longevity, such as blockchain, and how this makes us closer to building a longer lifespan. Sergey will raise new awareness in the general public about the use of blockchain and other emerging technologies, such as AI, to prioritse the well-being of all humans.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am