The enterprise metaverse: Nine sensibilities of VR learning

The enterprise metaverse: Nine sensibilities of VR learning

Anders Gronstedt, President, The Gronstedt GroupCORPORATE / NONPROFIT

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Anders Gronstredt

A new generation of real-time, spatial, 3D, immersive, and embodied simulations can now be deployed on reality-bending high-quality VR headsets that cost less than an airline flight. If it hadn’t already, the workplace is moving to the workspace. The metaverse is upon us and it will upend enterprise learning.

Join us for a session about how forward-thinking companies are creating shared VR learning spaces where students and instructors are interacting with each other as lifelike human avatars. Navigating hyper-realistic performance simulators via VR headsets, phones, iPads, and PCs they learn with and from each other in hands-on simulations.

We will go inside the new generation VR simulations used by pharma leaders like Pfizer, Novartis, and Bristol Myers Squibb to practice crucial life-saving skills in safe, virtual reality pharma labs. HVAC giant Daikin offers the ultimate customer experience of “X-ray vision.” installers use their hands in VR to route cables and connect wires. The Finishing Trades Institute recruits painters in VR. Walmart teaches department managers with 3D mobile games. Learn how to harness VR to unlock “10x” learning effectiveness with the nine superpower of learning: experiential, embodied and state-dependent learning, visualization, engagement, analytics, storytelling and social presence.

Attendee Benefits

1. Identify best use cases for VR learning: practicing spatial tasks, do the impossible, dangerous, costly, or inconvenient.
2. Learn how to build simulations that build muscle memory in preparation for real-life performance.
3. Deploy VR at scale with next-gen mobile VR, build the business case, overcome barriers to adoption, and demonstrate ROI.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am