The Longevity Sector: Untapped Potential for Gaming Developers

The Longevity Sector: Untapped Potential for Gaming Developers

Sergey Jakimov, Founder, LongeVCDEVELOPER CONF

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In recent years, the biotech industry and longevity sector have undergone breakthroughs fueled by technological advancements. The Covid-19 pandemic renewed interest in public health and has been the catalyst for the increase in creativity and innovation within technologies such as AI, automation, genetic engineering, and blockchain. Throughout his work with organisations such as the Longevity Science Foundation, LongeVC, and Longenesis, Sergey has been at the cutting-edge of this innovation and wants to share about the exciting developments happening within these sectors. Through investment in blockchain and crypto, areas such as the healthcare and gaming industries have the ability to decentralise and increase security, traceability, efficiency and speed, and transparency in their work. Game developers should consider research in aging and longevity as an important aspect of their work: ameliorating the health of society and their consumers will make the gaming experience less wasteful and more enjoyable for them, as changes to lifespan will result in societal shifts that bring about a new interest in tech-focused leisure activities like gaming. Investment in early-stage innovation in longevity and biotech is an opportunity to back the most innovative ideas, something that fits the forward-facing nature of gaming.

Attendee Benefits

Attendees will learn about the benefits of investing in the longevity sector, specifically around furthering the progress that it will bring to accelerating the research around the development of new technologies -- for a wide range of industries. They will leave this session with new information around the new technologies used in longevity, such as blockchain, and how this makes us closer to building a longer lifespan. Sergey will raise new awareness in the general public about the use of blockchain and other emerging technologies, such as AI, to prioritse the well-being of all humans. The main takeaway will be around how investment in longevity will further research in the development of a longer lifespan and provide society with the ability to live more productive lives—this will also further the development of all high-tech innovations across all aspects of society.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am