The Patient’s Role in Successful Game-Based Care Services

The Patient’s Role in Successful Game-Based Care Services

Lucia Pannese, Imaginary Milan, ItalyTrack 2 HEALTHCARE

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"Serious Play" - to some it's an oxymoron. Yet as attendees of this conference know, it is possible to make something that is fun, but has a purpose beyond entertainment.

This session will delve into just why making a good game based on verifiable science is so challenging on a fundamental level, and use several real-world examples of how companies have done so over a range of budgets and scales. The examples will be from digital health and training, but the principles apply to serious games in general.

Theoretical and practical reasons can make it difficult to make a title that is engaging and fun and also scientifically accurate and rigorous. Specific examples will be given from several companies that have created games and game-based training that have been verified by accreditation boards, cleared by the FDA and received a CE Mark, and have conducted multiple randomized controlled trials. Then several procedures will be demonstrated for designing and implementing these titles, including practical ways to spark lateral thinking, to harness the power of disparate expertise applied to a common goal, and to teach game developers and scientists how to play nicely together!

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am