The PLAY Premise

The PLAY Premise

Joshua Bell, Sr. Director, Play with a PurposeWORKFORCE & LEADERSHIP TRAINING

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Joshua Bell

The goal is to abolish the old-fashioned learning method of "speaker at the front of the room with slides" and replace it with learning driven by the participants "doing." Play dares us to stretch our imagination, indulge our creativity, and exercise our constructive abilities. It makes us quicker thinkers, stronger competitors, better observers, and more understanding teammates.

At heart, we are educators. We are also adults who refuse to lose our playfulness and curious spirit. Our goal with every Experiential Learning event we create is to build on three things: Delivering on the learn, feel, and do of your event, applying adult learning theory and brain neuroscience to ensure engagement, and creating an experience that is fun, interactive, and participatory.

This session will provide tips and tools to implement immediately in your office. Through this session, via hands-on business games and interactive discussions, we'll reveal critical areas where gamification can impact your business and discuss ways to develop deeper connections for your team. Like any other meeting initiative, gamification should be evaluated to ensure that you implement it for sound business reasons to deliver on employee expectations and provide ROI for both them and you.


Attendee Benefits

This experience lends itself to numerous takeaways, such as the ability to generate better engagement in your workplace, understanding the importance of play-based strategies, a more robust network of industry colleagues due to the networking strategies during the experience, and tips & tricks for creating play-based experiences based on their content.

At the top of the experience, each participant will receive a session "map" and workbook that will guide them through the session and allow them to take notes and highlight key learnings as well as provide them with the leader guides for how to run each activity for their teams once they get back to their offices.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am