The Science of Play at Work

The Science of Play at Work

Peter Williamson, Co-Founder; Head of Product, Barometer XP; Alex Suchman, Co-Founder; CEO, Barometer XP;

Peter Williamson

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Peter Williams

Games are amazing spaces to explore, learn, and grow at any age. Whether looking to have fun and socialize, build awareness and skills, or improve attitudes and behaviors, being clear about the intended outcome can make the difference between a memorable and lackluster experience. In our interactive workshop, we will share some best practices for curating games around team dynamics and desired results. Using our workplace pressure assessment as an example approach, we hope to inspire people to be purposeful about choosing games and facilitators. Audience members will be invited to play and reflect as we share a few case studies and ways to empower themselves (or their teammates).

Attendee Benefits

Attendees will take away skills and tools to help them better identify games for learning. We plan to provide digital access to the items we use in the session, such as a print and play assessment deck, plus the game catalog we've curated for different scenarios. We will also invite people to continue the conversation online so we can build more best practices together.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am