The Secret Sauce for Digital & Physical Convergence

The Secret Sauce for Digital & Physical Convergence

David Morris, Experiential Consultant, NYCAP3DGAME / INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

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David Morris

Are you laser-focused on developing a sound strategy for digital-physical convergence?

Join this session to learn how photogrammetry can help you build a powerful foundation for digital-physical convergence and your overall web3 strategy. Experiential Consultant David Morris from NYCAP3D will share how this technology can support valuable customer data collection and retention, drive more strategic marketing campaigns, elevate ambassador and influencer strategies, and optimize omnichannel experience design.

Attendee Benefits

1. Position your brand as a monumental pioneer in the undeniable and foreseeable merge of customer experience and web3 integration.
2. Learn to gain and retain invaluable customer data through 3D scan process, which is vital for strategic marketing campaigns.
3. Better utilize paid talent, ambassadors, influencers, etc. to create a compelling omnichannel experience.
4. The importance of building digital hardware to enhance customer experience for a seamless web3 integration.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am