They’ve played your Game, Now What!!

They've played your Game, Now What!!

Ron Dyer, Associate Professor/EMBA Director, The University of SheffieldCORPORATE / NONPROFIT

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Game-Based Learning/Serious Games continue to go from strength to strength across all sectors. While games have become more complex, mainly due to advanced in technology, challenges remain regarding measurement. Questions around, how do we measure the success of play, motivate after a game gets boring or simply add new elements to our games are burning questions. In this session we explore the value of sentiment analysis as a tool to support game measurement & continuous improvement. Through sentiment analysis, implementers have an opportunity to extract, classify and explore participants experiences for continuous improvement and better understand their players.

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Key Learning/Takeaways:

1. Participants will gain better insight into the role sentiment analysis can play in evaluation of game-based learning/serious games
2. Participants will learn how to develop simple methodologies for designing game-play experiences to support measurement utilizing sentiment analysis
3. Participants will gain exposure to basic sentiment tool(s) which can support their analysis
4. Participants will explore the value of research-led project approaches to measuring game play feedback

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am