Using an LMS to Create Game-based Courses

Using an LMS to Create Game-based Courses

Janna Kellinger, Associate Professor, UMass BostonTrack 3 HIGHER ED

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This session will focus on using a Learning Management System (LMS) to create game-based courses. Participants will learn how to use the key feature in LMS's to create game-based courses, tips and tricks to leverage the affordances of LMSs, and how to use features of LMSs to avoid pitfalls of game-based courses.

Different structures for LMS-based game-based courses will be explored including using a game story as a framework for class activities; embedding content into the game story and using Non-Playable Characters to represent different ideologies; having an overarching game story with mini-games throughout; and a quest-driven adventure game story where students have to learn to code to save the world. The session will conclude with an opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas.

Participants will walk away from this presentation with the ability to leverage features of their LMS to create game-based courses as well as insight into different game-based techniques such as using a river-and-lakes story structure; customization; and stealth assessments.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am