Using Brain Games to Build Mastery Paths

Using Brain Games to Build Mastery Paths

Latoya Hinton, Instructional Designer, American International CollegeHIGHER EDUCATION

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My presentation will cover incorporating brain game apps like PEAK, Elevate and Luminosity in asynchronous mastery paths in mathematics and writing for non-traditional or continuing education students. I would like to explore the possibilities of bringing these brain games into graduate level coursework to help students who have taken a considerable time away from higher education. Often continuing education or non-traditional students comment that they need to fill in gaps in their basic writing and mathematics competencies so that they can apply those abilities to advanced concepts in their new academic area of focus. Many instructors send continuing education or non-traditional students to tutoring services to help them succeed in undergraduate or graduate level coursework. Since brain game apps like PEAK, Elevate and Luminosity offer personalized paths toward mastery in academic subjects, they make for promising alternatives to tutoring in writing and mathematics. These brain game apps can also serve as strong review and formative assessment activities in undergraduate and graduate-level coursework. I would like to present on using brain game applications to support non-traditional or continuing education students in online coursework, in both asynchronous and synchronous modalities.

Attendee Benefits

Attendees will receive a handout that outlines how to implement brain game applications into larger assignments in online coursework, how to build brain games into formative assessment activities, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of brain games for mastery of academic subjects such as math or writing.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am