Using Demographics to Create a Serious Game Platform

Using Demographics to Create a Serious Game Platform

Joshua Peery, Lead Game Designer, East Carolina UniversityK12

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Joshua Peery

Many Serious Games are often topic specific. If one applies the concept of a "platform" that uses a universal game mechanic, Serious Game content can be delivered with less overhead and greater flexibility than developing a different game for each subject matter area. By choosing a mechanic that matches the games’ chosen demographic the platform can be leveraged for any subject matter where the demographic needs a knowledge outcome or intervention. This presentation will explore this idea using an ECU project, S-Chat, as a case study. The design process for the S-Chat project led from designing for specific knowledge goal to creating a universal Serious Game platform for ages 12-21.

Attendee Benefits

How to approach serious game design from demographics first. How to match game mechanics, user experience, technology penetration and familiarity to the target demographic.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am