Using FrameVR as a Virtual Learning Platform

Using FrameVR as a Virtual Learning Platform

Mick McCarthy, Special Educator, Exceptional McCareK12

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Mick McCarthy

Even though many students have moved to in-person teaching, online platforms are still important for remote learning. FrameVR is a learning platform that has greatly enhanced their services and can provide a way for students to engage remotely and safely with one another. Attendees will learn how to use FrameVR, both with special and general education students, and how FrameVR can enhance students' remote and in-person learning experiences.

Attendee Benefits

The audience will learn about using FrameVR as a learning platform. The focus will be on flexibility of learning, differentiation, accessibility, and adaptability. Audience members will be given the opportunity to ask questions about FrameVR specifically and other virtual learning environments for use in a classroom with diverse learners.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am