Virtual History in Virtual Worlds: Digital Games as History

Virtual History in Virtual Worlds: Digital Games as History

Stefano Caselli, Lecturer, IVIPRO - Italian Videogame ProgramHIGHER EDUCATION

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I will first provide a theoretical overview on the growing field of historical game studies and digital games for heritage: being a game scholar, I have been studying historical games both from the perspective of users and designers, and I will problematise the very concept of historical games or possibilities for games to convey history. Can digital games be useful for history? Can they properly tell something about cultural heritage? And how could they be implemented within cultural contexts? I will present my experience and knowledge of historical game design processes, by providing some examples of projects I took part in (Urban Histories Reloaded, A Painter's Tale - digital games for history). To conclude, I will talk about the use of digital games for education in secondary schools, approaching media education and teaching methods.

Attendee Benefits

- (theory) My audience will know the state of the art of historical game studies
- (theory) My audience will know the risks implied by the use of digital games to tell history (both in educational and popular contexts)
- (practice) My audience will get in touch with the experience of IVIPRO and some of the projects I have been dealing with. They may therefore find new ideas and, hopefully, get inspiration from my own experiences
- (practice) My audience will get insights and methods to use historical digital games in secondary school programmes: both as something to analyse and observe with students (user perspective) and as something to design, create, or conceptualize (designer perspective).

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am