Virtual Humans, Avatars and Digital Identity

Virtual Humans, Avatars and Digital Identity

Jamie Hurcomb, Unreal Engine Academic Advisor, Virtual Humans, Avatars and Digital IdentityGAME / INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

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Jamie Hurcomb

Cutting-edge, high-fidelity tools are bringing us into a new era of self-representation in virtual spaces. Our digital images (on social media platforms, in games or in interactive 3D experiences) are becoming increasingly tied to our IRL selves with incredible opportunities for self-expression, identity building and roleplay. The potential of the avatar on "real-world" expression and identification has been studied by scholars such as David Owen, Lesley Procter and Sherry Turkle. This talk will outline key design questions in self-representation and digital identity that includes examples from a wide range of avatar creator tools in virtual spaces and games, including Epic Games MetaHuman creator.

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Includes a Mesh to MetaHuman demonstration; using facial scans to create digital humans and will include a handout on the Mesh to MetaHuman pipeline with detailed instructions on how to quickly and easily take the pipeline into a classroom with little to no barriers of entry.

Sat 12:00 am - 12:00 am