Virtual Simulation Game to Reduce Racial Inequities

Virtual Simulation Game to Reduce Racial Inequities

Karen Fleming, Clinical Nurse Specialist, University Health Network (UHN)HEALTHCARE

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Karen Fleming

Attendees would be introduced to a virtual simulation game (VSG) created for Emergency room nurses who are presented with a Sickle Cell patient in the ED. The session would start with a review of implicit bias and its impact on healthcare. This would be followed by a review of the literature in support of reducing inequities for those living wish SCD. We would then play a short version of the game and as we move through the game, I would share some of the challenges faced, while also providing tips and tricks around the design, creation, and implementation of a virtual simulation game. The audience will be engaged to discuss how prebriefing is included for a VSG, along with walking through the 3D model for debriefing, as it is shown to be the best model that aligns with VSG modalities.

Attendee Benefits

Attendees would receive a handout of the high level steps involved in designing a virtual simulation.

Sat 12:00 am - 12:00 am