What Serious Game Designers Can Learn from the World of Espionage

What Serious Game Designers Can Learn from the World of Espionage

Leslie Gruis, Author, Privacy: Past, Present and FutureTrack 5 GAME/INSTRUCTION DESIGN

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Much of our understanding of the ways in which games are played, and of what is meant by the term “serious game”, comes from the shadowy world of espionage. The basic concepts of game theory and decision analysis were all motivated by a need to understand competition between nations. Today we see the same strategies being very effectively used by large international operators like Google and Facebook for commercial gain.

Award-winning privacy author Dr. Leslie Gruis worked for the National Security Agency for 30 years. In this session, she will discuss some basic ideas of espionage and gameplay which will give an insider advantage to any serious game designer. Whether it's the invasion of privacy through stealth and by offering apparently attractive benefits that seem free of charge, understanding where complexity comes from in game design, or finding ways of thinking that go beyond the very simple designs understandable from classical game theory, the basic ideas are the same throughout.

You will leave with an understanding of four basic guidelines for designing and implementing serious games that leverage what is known from decades of spycraft. You will also be able to avoid some of the coming regulatory pitfalls awaiting game designs that gather personal data, while also staying in the competitive sweet spot that helps make best use of what we know about human motivation.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am