What’s New in VR & AR? An Interactive Session

What's New in VR & AR? An Interactive Session

Bernard François, Founder, PreviewLabsGAMES / INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

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Bernard François

In this session, Bernard will start by providing a brief overview of current and upcoming immersive technologies, while detailing on their individual weaknesses and strengths. Next, he will put on his facilitator hat and will engage the audience to see which current and upcoming technologies you are most excited about and how you are incorporating them in your own work. This is a session for everyone who wants to learn whether & why others are excited about the next big thing in virtual & augmented reality, ideally while sharing some of your own findings as well!

Attendee Benefits

Participants of this session will leave the session empowered by the why and how of learning to do impactful work, and with tips and resources to dive deeper into what the learning sciences offer. This will include: - A set of 4-5 learning techniques that research has shown to be effective, along with tips for applying them in game-based-learning. - Some features of game-based learning that are supported by learning-science research, and some that are not. - Ways to use learning-sciences insights in the design, evaluation, and implementation of game-based learning - Digital ‘take home’ resources to reinforce what you’ve learned - Links and resources to dive deeper into all the learning sciences offer.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am