Why We Pursue Serious Games and How We’ve Done It

Why We Pursue Serious Games and How We've Done It

Noah Falstein, President, The Inspiracy; Attila Szantner, CEO, Massively Multiplayer Online Science; Matthew Lee, Chair, IGDA Serious Games SIG, Moderator; Kelli Dunlap, Psychologist and Game Designer, Independent, Community Manager, Take ThisTrack 7 FUNDING/RESOURCES FOR DEVS

This Dev/Tech session, sponsored by the IGDA, brings together a diverse array of speakers to provide insight into the motivations that developers, designers, and entrepreneurs at all levels of experience have for pursuing serious play, the variety of pathways by which they've done so, and the resources they've found to support them. The panelists - Noah Falstein, Attila Szantner, and Kelli Dunlap - will discuss their background / history with "serious games", from how and why they first got into the field (including the challenges they faced and how they overcame them), to their views on the field now, what they've learned after years of practice, and what advice they have for others interested in pursuing serious games.

Attendees will gain an understanding of some of the various pathways through which individuals at all levels of experience with games/tech entrepreneurship might pursue serious play, as well as some of challenges that they might encounter and practical examples of how these were overcome. Practical takeaways to improve collaboration between developers/stakeholders, an overview of potential funding sources (and the benefits and drawbacks), and some basic design tips will also be covered.

Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am