Why XR is the Future of Force Readiness in Medicine

Why XR is the Future of Force Readiness in Medicine

Karthik Sarma, Chief Technology Officer, SimX, Inc.HEALTHCARE

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The future of military preparedness requires deliberate capability planning based on the challenges brought by continually evolving geopolitical realities. Current US Military planning forces envision a world in which multi-domain operations conducted against adversaries with near-peer combat capabilities. In such a world, efforts to achieve the "Golden Hour" (the doctrinal requirement to provide definitive care within 60 minutes of sustaining traumatic injuries) are likely to be overwhelmed by casualty counts incurred from the use of highly effective weaponry employed by powerful nations on a scale not seen by NATO allies in recent decades. Achieving optimal survivability and recovery will require training a significantly larger proportion of warfighting personnel in stabilizing and temporizing medical techniques and protocols in order to extend the "Golden Hour" for as long as possible. Providing such time and material-intensive medical training is impractical with today's commonly employed training methodologies, but emerging XR training capabilities will enable far wider dissemination of life-saving training which will enable the scaling necessary to save the lives of combat casualties.

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Attendees will learn about the US Military "Multi-Domain Operations" concept and the future of military near-peer competition, the casualty care and training challenges that may be posed by this predicted future, and how emerging XR technologies can meet the capability gap in requirements to enable optimal survival rates.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am