Worst Practices for Learning

Worst Practices for Learning

Mitchell Weisburgh, Founding Partner, Academic Business Advisors; Kat Schrier, Director of Games/Associate Prof, Marist CollegeTrack 4 GAMES IN K-12

Mitchell Weisburgh
Founding Partner
Academic Business Advisors
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Kat Schrier
Director of Games/Associate Prof
Marist College
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Many of us have attended sessions about how to teach effectively, how people learn, and how to maximize learning. But what if we wanted to do a really really bad job teaching? What if we wanted to be the worst teacher ever? Or perhaps, what if we wanted to learn from teaching failures so that we could be better teachers or content developers for learning?

We are not just going to look at fails, we are going to glorify epic fails, dissect them, and figure out what we can learn about them.

This will NOT be fun. Maybe.

You will learn how to be really bad at developing and delivering engaging content to learners, and perhaps ways to turn these around to be engaging and motivational to learners.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am