World Bank is looking for a mature studio that could produce for us an educational game that would allow the player to experience the complexity of the Amazon and learn what could be done to improve the future of the region. Critical factors and thus actions to be in the game include the impact of agricultural decisions, environmental concerns, human rights considerations for the indigenous population, and the need for government policies, all of which are heavily tied to the economics of the region.

The game is envisioned as a strategy game, possibly a city builder, that will primarily target policy maker players with an understanding that it could be played by anyone with an interest in exploring the complex factors underlying development and other decisions that could or should be made in the region. We envision a sophisticated learning game that also must be fun for the player to use as they game out different actions and experience potential direct and indirect consequences and outcomes.

World Bank envisions making an award for an initial prototype which will be used to secure additional funding from governments of countries with an interest in environment and climate action for the complete development of the serious game.

If you would like to be considered as the developer of this game, please supply the following information.  We plan to narrow the list of developers to no more than six and get back to you.

World Bank